Truck rental

An excellent option for buying a new car, up to 48 months contract.


For temporary needs to fill the stock shortages.

Fixed price

Long-term rentals are billed for monthly rental, short-term rental by day or contract. Price includes maintenance, repairs, tires, surveys, vehicle taxes & insurance. The customer is responsible for the self-inflicted damage. Fixed pricing enables accurate budgeting of equipment costs, and the equipment does not give rise to extra costs.

As your own

Rental is no different from the ownership of the equipment except in the ownership structure in any way. Trucks can be equipped and taped according to customer needs, OP-Truck Oy does not advertise on rented equipment. We are a very flexible and customer-oriented service provider, and we strive to meet the most demanding transportation needs of our customers in the best possible way.

easy & risk-free

As a customer, you do not have to worry about extra costs, the responsibility for the functionality of the fleet is ours. When you are in need of repair and maintenance, you will book our car for a period of time, we will take the necessary steps to the vehicle or trailer for free. In acute cases, we act according to the situation. Upon termination of the contract, the customer may return the lease, resume the contract or purchase it.

Why rent?


Rent does not tie capital or increase indebtedness.


Rental equipment is easy and clear in accounting. Payments are deductible expenses in the income statement.


The fleet's heavy daily expenses are eliminated, budgeting simplifies and investment processes are facilitated.

Key figures

Unlike loan financing, leasing financing does not appear as a liability in the balance sheet which for example improves the self-sufficiency rate.


The lease can be dimensioned to cover the impairment of the assets.

Rental service with years of experience

Ask about the possibilities just to meet your transport needs!

Our staff

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Jukka Maja

truck sales

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