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The CF model range offers a wide variety of chassis and cab solutions, which makes the CF a distinctive truck. Paccar's new MX-11 and MX-13 engines complete the perfect fit for your transport needs. The new CF is suitable for distribution to the heaviest transportation with unlimited possibilities.

DAF CF & XF - international truck of the year 2018

Gorgeous look

The appearance of the new CF cab is XF- and LF like, it's elegant and aerodynamic. The cab design of its own class has been finished with numerous details and there is a great room for the name of the company. Pure Excellence.

Information display assist the driver

Car messaging helps the driver react to different situations in an efficient manner and the DPA (Driver Performance Assistant) driver assistance system tells you tips on economic driving. The driver can place the dashboard buttons at their desired locations thanks to the intelligent electronic structure. The new temperature control and air conditioning system is efficient and easy to use, including de-aeration, parking air conditioning, timer parking heaters, pause heaters and automatic air recirculation.

Renewed interior

High quality and comfortable materials make the interior comfortable and quiet. The driver has the ability to adjust the cabin's versatile lighting according to driving or break conditions.

The chassis has unlimited possibilities

The highly designed, strong and lightweight chassis is tailor-made to meet customer needs. The components can be placed in a desired order, giving space to pump systems or larger fuel tanks. The body attachment module (BAM) offers plenty of possibilities for fastening the car. The new compact 50 kg lighter EAS system (Emission Tracking System) leaves more space on the chassis and allows for greater payload.

Advanced driveline

The new PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines offer low performance fuel economy, the expanded Eco mode helps keep fuel efficiency optimized. Engine service intervals have been extended to as many as 200,000 kilometers. The new generation 12 or 16 speed TraXon automatic transmission is standard, plus a new powerful rear axle, generating a complete driveline package.

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